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TimeDimension Neptunia: World Collision Chapter 1
Chicago, IL

United States Of America.

10:45 p.m.

My Name is Blaze. I'm around 17 years old. I live in the city of Chicago with my friends and family.
I have Black hair, Dark Blue eyes, And My Height was about 5'11 1/2 or so. My Clothes Consisted of A Black and Blue Under armor, Regular Jeans, and Boots. I do wilco at school and boots are kinda required.
 Well, You're probably wondering what I'm doing in the middle of the night? Well that's simple. Summer Vacation Started, and a bunch of my friends wanted to get together and throw a party. It was my turn for a Designated Driver duty, so I didn't drink any alcohol, not that I drink anyway at this age anyway. So here I am, after I dropped off all the drunk morons I call friends, I headed back to get my Truck, a GMC Sierra. I was driving a van, since I couldn't fit everyone in the truck, so I drove a Van for designa
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HDN Sister's Gen Harem #2 X Male Reader Final 1-?
In early morning, me and the girls were on our first stop of this icy place known as Icicle Pathway island to face Trick the Hard. There were rarely monsters roaming around the area as we skipped a few but battled one of them due to being in the way, Red approached me and spoke. "[F/N], when I was going back to the Hot Springs to pick up my yo-yos and hammer. I saw you being around my wifeys, did you do something to them? did you let them in?" She asked as I embarrassingly blushed and said.
"Huh? w-what are you t-talking about Red? you didn't see anything!"
"But I-"
"Red, leave him alone." Cave said as she pouted and went away at him.
"Typical wifey stealer." Red said quietly as we kept walking.
"Thanks Cave." I said as she winked at me while we kept walking, I had thoughts in my head of recapping of what happen.

"I couldn't believe, the Four Felons are back again since they were first defeated, it's like M
*g*m*n and M*g
:iconcrissrock115:CrissRock115 11 8
HN is Real: Chapter 8: Five Day Skip: To Lastation
Five days had passed since the Blue Shadow sidequest. The party spent most of their time doing other sidequests and things but you won't find chapters of them doing that because they would be boring. Anyway, IF and Jacob were walking from the supermarket carrying reusable shopping bags to the Sky Harbor where Neptune and Compa were waiting for them.
"You know," IF began, "I didn't really think you were the kind for green apples. You're kind of pudgy... well, just a bit, anyway, so I figured you'd go for the chips and chocolate. Not that we don't have those but it was unexpected for you not to be the one to go for them at first."
Jacob sighed. "I'm trying to better my diet. Besides, we're going on a long trip. I want something that sustains me and is actually of benefit, not something transient like chips and chocolate."
"Fair enough, I guess." IF shifted her shoulders. "Tch… these bags are heavy."
"Thank goodness these gauntlets increase my arm strength. I can't really feel the we
:iconporecomesis:Porecomesis 2 7
HN is Real: Chapter 7: Recovery Point
It took the better part of twenty minutes for the party to get to the nearest hospital. Purple Heart turned back into Neptune before entering so as to not raise a fuss. The party walked to the counter with Jacob being carried by Compa.
"Excuse me!" Compa said to the silhouette man behind the counter. "Our friend needs help! He was stabbed by a giant spear-lance thingy!"
"A giant spear-lance thingy?" the man responded. "Well, that's a nice change of pace from the Jaki clubs, the Dogoo tackles, the Imp tackles, the Killer Rabbit wounds and, lest we forget, those blasted Sand Worm victims. Was the weapon altered in any way?"
"No sir," Compa answered. "The spear was just a spear. Or a lance. It was hard to tell. Anyway, he has a massive cross-shaped wound in his stomach and he needs proper medical attention right away."
"I see. And you thought it would be a good idea to just carry him in rather than, say, call for an ambulance to pick him up when you got back from the dungeon?"
Compa didn'
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HN is Real: Chapter 6: Going to the Basilicom
"Whoa!" exclaimed Neptune after they arrived at the Basilicom after going through a bunch of trees (why would anyone put a public building of great importance in the middle of a forest where anything could be lurking?). The structure was in the middle of a wide area of grey pavement and resembled a church. To be more specific, the Basilicom had two towers at the front with blue spires at the top. The walls were white and arch windows lined the sides of the building. The walls were shorter than the ceiling, which made the whole thing resemble a small rectangular box with a massive triangular prism on the top, with the prism being the blue roof with what seemed to be a golden weathervane at the front.
Now, the front of the Basilicom was a sight to behold: in addition to the golden edges that were present on other parts of the building, the front also had detailed stained glass windows that made it look like a collection of giant shaped jewels including a ruby, an emerald and a few amethy
:iconporecomesis:Porecomesis 4 5
HDN Sister's Gen Harem #2 X Male Reader Ch. 5
Cave's POV
I kept watching him unconscious while Mina was researching about his behaviour also this power that [F/N] had, how did we brought him?
Me and the girls were running in the area of Atari Marsh, upon fighting off the creatures on our way, we've first heard a laugh and scream also seen a dark black and red aura across the bridge. The same aura where last time, [F/N] and Underling were fighting from Underverse. By the time we've got here... we've spotted Underling faraway as Compa, 5pb are kneeling down to where [F/N] was lying down away from the twins. Nepgear, IF and Red were checking on Rom and Ram to see that they're slightly conscious. Leading me to tell them to go back to Lowee to inform Mina.
*Flashback ends*
I've walked to the unconscious [F/N] on the bed, staring at his cute and handsome face. My chest pumped, my eyes were swelling up, I brushed his hair out of the way... upon looking at him... his lips were somehow puckered
:iconcrissrock115:CrissRock115 14 10
HDN Sister's Gen Harem #2 X Male Reader Ch. 3
Lowee's Basilicom
Me and the party crew entered inside the Basilicom as we've met a young lady whose appearance looks like a the Librarian/Priestess.
"Good afternoon kind one, I'm [F/N] [L/N] and the girls right behind me are Nepgear, IF, Compa and Red so whats yours?" I bowed down in a gentleman pose as the Librarian/Priestess-like lady adjusted her glass and closed her book as she shook my hand.
"My such a gentleman you're, my name is Mina Nishizawa. The Oracle of Lowee, I've been expecting for all you so shall we get to the talking." Mina said as we've circled half around her.
"So you're Planeptune's CPU Candidate correct?" Mina asked her as Nepgear nodded yes.
"Anyways what happened to Blanc?" Mina wonders, Nepgear made a worried expression while you've listened half of their conversation which you've felt some kind of presence of Rom and Ram around here and worried about Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert of their own situation til you've heard Nepgear saying that they're at held
:iconcrissrock115:CrissRock115 18 2
HDN Sister's Gen Harem #2 X Male Reader Ch. 2
After arriving at Lastation everything here is also changed due to myself left the Gamindustri, now there's less factories and a bit more technology here as I went with Nepgear to go to the Guild to request another mission as we had an unexpected person here as Nepgear asked the person for a request.
"Excuse me there I would like to request another mission."
"Excuse me there I'd like to request another Guild mission." said the girl in mini pigtails, her looks are slightly similar to Noire as she wore a black one piece dress attached to her neck that appears to look like a choker, her waist had a cellphone-like, her eyes looked red but darker, her mini pigtails had two grey ribbons and lastly her legs she worn is black socks and shoes.
"Oh hey there watcha doing?" asked the mini pig-tailed girl
"Same thing too so I guess we'll be doing the same Guild quest so my name is Nepgear, over there that guy who is standing behind me is [F/N] [L/N] so what's yours?" Nepgear asked.
"My name is Uni
:iconcrissrock115:CrissRock115 24 5
Hyperdimension Neptunia Harem X Male Reader Ending
It's been a year since the battle against Arfoire.

The explosion was contained at the price of Celestia's demise...
Well, there's no confirmed Celestia gone, but... Histoire assumed not
being able to go there is proof in itself. As for [F/N] and Arfoire,
Histoire could not find either of them... but only [F/N]'s sword was been found and
the other goddesses went back 

to Compa's room to wait for [F/N]'s return.
One by one, the goddesses returned 

to their respective Lands...
Despite the damage to the Lands. slowly but surely, things 

headed to recovery.
They wish... they could have recorded history with [FULL NAME] and Arfoire...

until this day forward, lets just say he had returned, but along with the person who's now back to her old self.

:iconcrissrock115:CrissRock115 35 14
Hyperdimension Neptunia Harem X Male Reader Ch. 4
*X Hunter Stages 1-2 plays* (Megaman X2 OST)
it's been few days since after [FULL NAME] had escape from being captured from Blanc and her guards. After some limping in the snow and the adrenaline died off, he and his two party members run into couple of Lowee's guards which they summon a dragon. He forced himself to fight but some help with Plutia and Peashy they had finally defeated the dragon, a little he knew he ran into a girl with dirty blonde short hair that goes by the name of Cyberconnect2 and a maiden who's other name Financier who wanted to help him to recover from his injury since back at Lowee's Basilicom before escaping as he went along with them, by the time the three of them got in Lowee's Town he met two guys that they go by the name of Older Brother and Younger Brother. The two brothers told him about Blanc that it isn't actually her which caused a confusion that he overreacted. Some a little bit of his
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